Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today I Celebrate, 1/20/2017


Although on this Inaugural Day my heart cries out for this country, I have made a better choice: Today I Celebrate!
I celebrate President Barack Obama and his family. I celebrate what he and his family mean to this country and the strong family values that they represent. I celebrate the era of his Presidency, and all the good that it has brought to our country. I celebrate the “Bromance” of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. I celebrate the “Sisterhood” exhibited by our First Lady, Michelle Obama and Second Lady, Jill Biden, through all of the hard work they have done to highlight and provide support to military families. I celebrate the First Daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, for the manner in which they have gracefully transformed from young girls to graceful young ladies…all under the watchful eye of the American public. I celebrate the “First Grandmother” and her presence in the Whitehouse to ensure that her grandbabies remain humble, grounded, and with a strong since of family…the manner in which she represents “Grannies” all over America.
I celebrate the undeniable love that is openly displayed by our POTUS and FLOTUS. I celebrate the strong bond and foundation of love, commitment, and “oneness” that they established long before stepping onto the national political stage, and the manner in which they have sustained it through the highest degree of scrutiny that one can imagine.  I celebrate that they so proudly represent America and the dream that she offers. I celebrate that throughout the world, they have represented this country with ever-present grace and dignity. I celebrate that the Obama presidency maintained a focused agenda, putting the "best interest of the people" first and foremost. I celebrate that the Obama’s always include themselves as one in the foundational element of the U.S. Constitution, “We The People”, and not a separate higher status or authority. I celebrate the fact that the Obama’s maintain a connection with the American public, which makes us feel like they could be the neighbors that live across the street or the really cool parents in the local PTA.
I celebrate that our First Family can navigate, communicate, and participate at the upper echelon of the worlds social hierarchy one day, and then interact with those in despair the next day; yet, make them all feel important and significant. I celebrate that our FLOTUS is elegant and graceful. I celebrate that our POTUS has swagg. I celebrate that they teach us, through living example, that “when [others] go low, we go high”. I celebrate that they are passionate leaders. I celebrate that they avoid scandalous behavior. I celebrate that our POTUS and FLOTUS are inclusive and display appreciation for diversity. I celebrate that they exhibit a strong sense of self and an extremely high level of emotional intelligence, yet display earnest care and sincere connection with the people. I celebrate the fact that they have not allowed the hate and unjust personal attacks to break them nor push them to act out of character…they've remained strong in the struggle. I celebrate their unique ability to inspire the masses. I celebrate the commanding oratory skillset possessed by both the POTUS and FLOTUS. I celebrate “The Guns” of the FLOTUS and her promotion of fitness and healthy living. I celebrate that the POTUS "got game” and participates in "Braketology" during March Madness. 
I celebrate that they are role-models, not just for the African American community, but for EVERY COMMUNITY. I celebrate that God protects our First Family. Today I celebrate... our First Family!